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When we make a habit of eating foods that our bodies have difficulty using and breaking down, we manufacture toxins as a bi-product of regular metabolism. Since our bodies have not been developed to use chemicals like Red Dye #5, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, or any number of food-additives not found in nature but very popular in processed foods, the disposal of the wastes they produce can be difficult. This triggers our bodies to store them in places (like fat cells) around our bodies (like landfills store our external garbage). The trouble comes when our bodies now have a toxic buildup and is poorly ridding toxins ourselves.

A Metabolic Detoxification Program with the help of nutraceuticals, lifestyle and dietary changes, ionization, infrared and  coaching, will help rid the body of toxic overload. By reducing the toxic load, our bodies will begin to function optimally.

Dr. Elyse Saltalamachia has had great success helping patients get rid of their toxic overload and helping them go get back on a path of optimal health and wellness.

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