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Marinated Kale

Makes 6 or 7 16 ounce serving (Half recipe in parentheses)


2 (1) bunches of kale (1 bag of prewashed, cut up style from Ingles)

6 (3) cloves garlic

* 1 (1/2) red onion or white Vidalia onion (Put the onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before cutting it to avoid tears)

2/3 (1/3) cup lemon juice

1/3 (1/4) cup olive oil

1 (1/2) teaspoon Celtic sea salt


1. Chop up the greens in a food processor and then take it out and put it in a large bowl.

2. Put the garlic in first and process it in the food processor.

3. Put in the onion and process it with the garlic.

4. Add this to the chopped up greens and mix thoroughly.

5. Pour the lemon juice and the olive oil into a measuring cup

6. Add the salt and stir until it dissolves.

7. Pour it over the greens like a dressing, stir it in and let it marinate. You can eat it immediately - it does not have to sit overnight.

8. You may add diced red, orange, or yellow bell pepper for holiday color.

Add celery and mushrooms to make it a great mixed-type meal.

If you put this into 16 ounce containers for Grab and Go, be sure to shake the container up before eating it to distribute the dressing over all of it. Otherwise it will just remain at the bottom of the container.

* Indicates something that needs to be done ahead of time.

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